Kathrin Menges

Member of the Board, Henkel AG

Kathrin Menges

Kathrin Menges has over almost 25 years of international experience in the field of human resources. She has been a Member of the Board at Henkel since October 2011 and is the Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Infrastructure Services.

Kathrin Menges was born on October 16, 1964, in Pritzwalk, Germany and studied teacher training at the University of Potsdam, College of Education. After her studies she worked as a teacher. In 1990 she switched to human resources at the Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG, where she was most recently Head of Division.

In 1999, Kathrin Menges joined Henkel and held various management functions in the Division of Human Resources. Starting in November 2009, she was responsible for human resources globally within the company as the Corporate Vice President of Human Resources, when she was appointed to the Board in October 2011.  She also became Chair of the Henkel Sustainability Council. Kathrin Menges has additionally been a member of the Board for the Division of Infrastructure Services since April 2012. The Office of the Federal Chancellor appointed her to the Council for Sustainable Development in June 2013. Kathrin Menges has been a member of the adidas AG Advisory Board since May 2014.