Welcome Address

Photo: Andreas Schmitter

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With the Aachen Engineering Award the City of Aachen and RWTH Aachen have jointly committed to annually honoring an individual who has provided groundbreaking impetus for technology, the economy, and society. Why an engineering award? Because engineers move the world! Thanks to numerous discoveries and developments they expand the scope of our actions almost daily in both our private lives and in business, create wellbeing and prosperity, and last but not least, ensure that Germany is a popular location for innovation.

We believe that this service for society cannot be honored enough. We wish to bring the services of outstanding individuals in engineering into the public spotlight. In contrast to other technology, innovation, or engineering awards, recipients of the Aachen Engineering Award distinguish themselves not only through their achievements in engineering and technology, but also through their personal role model function for the younger generation. The award winner’s work should serve as an inspiration for today’s students and young professionals on how one can have successful influence on social development through skill and creative drive.

This is why the award recipient is an integral part of the RWTH Aachen Graduation Celebration each year – with 5,000 people, presumably the largest graduation event at a German university. Why Aachen? Because this is the heart of engineering! RWTH and numerous non-university research institutions located in the region turn Aachen into a top international address for engineering, particularly for studies.  This combined with local experience and a culture of awarding highly recognized international awards make our city a predestined location for awarding a prize to those individuals to whom we owe so much – engineers!

We look forward to capturing the interest of a broad audience for the fascinating world of engineering with the Aachen Engineering Award!


Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h.c. mult. Ulrich Rüdiger (Rector of  RWTH Aachen)

Sibylle Keupen (Mayor of the City of Aachen)